Protect Your Energy. 3 ways to save your most valuable resource.

On January 4, 2021
Protect Your Energy

Many of us feel drained and emotionally spent from time to time. It can be for many different reasons, but if you’re constantly feeling tired, exhausted, low, and emotionally drained, it is time you find ways to protect your energy. Physical and mental health is linked to each other, and a negative impact on one would reflect on the other as well. So, even if you are physically fit, if your mental energy is low, it would show on your body as well in one way or the other. One of the biggest reasons why we feel depleted of positive and creative energy inside us is negativity…

Protect Your Energy

No matter what situation you’re in or what life throws at you, it is important to stay positive. It is natural to feel stressed and tensed during difficult stages of our life, but one should not let the situation take control of you. It should be just the opposite, and it can only happen if you stay positive. If you focus on the problem rather than the solution, the negativity will engulf you. 

As a result, you’ll feel defeated and drained of energy to move ahead. Or get back up after being knocked down. Your thoughts play a huge role in this regard, and it is important to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts to protect your energy. If your energy seems low or feels vulnerable, here we are sharing a few tips to protect your energy. 

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Don’t Engage in Drama

In the age of the internet and social media, there are many ways you might feel tempted to engage in drama or unwarranted arguments. Often, we see things on social media about other people or news that we’d prefer not to see. However, it is important to stay away from unnecessary drama and move ahead with life. 

Find ways to simplify life, rather than making it complicated without reasons. Drama, arguments, anger, jealousy, and all these related emotions drain you off energy. Mind your own business.

Stop Overgiving

Some people have a hard time saying no. And it becomes a big obstacle to protect our energy when people start to take advantage of it. If you have ‘people pleasing tendencies’, take note. Being a “yes’ person is a huge energy drain! Thus, it is important to learn the difference between helping and being taken advantage of. Check the vibes you get from people and know if they really need help or are just trying to use you. In any case, put yourself ahead of others where the situation demands because you can’t be held guilty of self-love. Don’t let others use the energy you’re reserving for yourself. 

Set Boundaries

You’ll come across some people in life who always talk negatively. Then find problems in every solution. Be wary and patient with these individuals. Notice negative thinking patterns and learn to keep these interactions to a minimum. Keep yourself surrounded by people who are positive and forward thinking.

Negative people who gossip, hate, or are perpetually jealous, sad, and depressed, will drain you off energy. It is okay to help, listen and be there for a friend going through a bad patch in life. But, if someone is always negative, keep a safe distance. Negativity and positivity are contagious, so choose positive. 

Try a Chakra Energy Meditation

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While it may come as a surprise, meditation can help protect your energy by helping you get clarity. Meditation provides you with an intuitive power to reflect, introspect, and retrospect. Which is not only healing and soothing but also eye-opening at times. 

You’ll find the answers you were looking for when you meditate unexpectedly. You’ll feel more positive, vibrant, and be full of energy when you practice meditation regularly. It would reset you mentally and physically, and ensure any negativity is wiped out. 

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  • Healing from Trauma
  • Alternative Healing
  • Better Self Awareness
  • Enhanced Intuition
  • Improved Spiritual Life
  • Manifesting Dreams
  • Feeling of Oneness/Connection with the Universe/Spirit
  • Self-Acceptance

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Chakra Healing – Free Masterclass

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Protect Your Energy Wrap Up

Protecting your energy is your responsibility, and in today’s time, it is more important than ever before. Whether it is a relationship that is draining you or any other form of insecurity or confusion. Make sure to find a solution. 

Time is of the essence, and sooner you understand this, the better it will be for you. Because, when you don’t remedy constant energy loss, it becomes a way of life. And that will never let you achieve what you’re capable of. Or live the life YOURS is meant to be. 

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  1. Penelope

    The question is: how do you keep away from a family member that is negative? I do want to help them and try to talk positively to them and show them the good side of things but they don’t seem to want to listen. They keep seeing the bad things in the world, talking about conspiracies (especially now with the whole pandemic and vaccines) and so on. How can I deal with such a person? I don’t want to abandon them but I also can’t be around such a negative mindset. Any suggestions?

  2. Gina

    It depends on whether or not you live with this person. If you live with them things are more difficult. If you don’t live with them, here are some of my tips. Tell them you love them and want to talk to them more and be there for them and at the same time tell them the truth. Be calm and speak from love (not hate or being angry). Tell them you want to be there for them but you often feel sad when and after talking to them because they put a negative spin on things. Tell them you aren’t judging them. Repeat that you love them. Again, repeat that you want to talk more with them but things need to change. What could you talk about that brings joy to both of you? Then be quiet and listen. Let them think. It might take a minute or a month. Give them some space and keep repeating your message with love and patience. Some choose to grow and make things better for both of you. Some don’t. Worst case scenario nothing changes and you talk to them rarely or they may even get upset with you and not want to talk for a while. That’s ok. Your mental health is very important and being around such negative mindsets is not good so whether you want to or not you do need to make things clear to them. You want to spend more time with them but also need to look after yourself. If they don’t appreciate this and want to make changes then they don’t really love/respect or care about you.


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