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Types of self care

Types of Self-Care: Discover Care Practices That will Make You Feel Great

It is easy to see that the journey to self-care can be thorny. People often fall into traps in their attempt to take care of themselves. Why is this the case? It is because everything that feels good does not particularly help your self-care practice. People use...
A life in balance 2021 guide

A life in balance. How to challenge yourself in the year 2021.

2020 didn’t turn out so well. Amid the global pandemic, turmoil and loss have wreaked havoc and continue to do so. So, how can you challenge yourself, begin a healing journey and create a life in balance in 2021? It’s hard to imagine a scenario where waking up each...
Meditation Chair

10 Best Meditation Chairs Guide: All The Best Picks In One Spot!

Finding a quality meditation chair to enhance your practice can be challenging. Different chair types and cushion sets range in variety and quality. But which ones are worth the money? Therefore, we put together this buyer's guide to carve out the best meditation...
Virtual Yoga Guide

Virtual Yoga Survival Guide: How to Practice Yoga From Home

Yoga is a wonderful tool to help keep balance in our hectic lives. Focused on strength, mobility and breathing, yoga provides a variety of benefits! It can help combat stress, improve flexibility and help you sleep. So, it’s easy to see why yoga has increased in...
support your friends business

9 Ways to Support Your Friends’ Business (And Get To Know Their Work)

The competitive business world is tough, and it can be hard to believe in your friends’ dreams. But we all have friends who have started their own businesses, and we want them to be successful. We want them to be able to share their work with the world, and we want...
6 Positive choices

6 positive choices you can make today for a better tomorrow.

If we can focus on one positive choice at a time, they will start to add up. The more they build, the more impactful they become. And the happier we feel. Seeking a better tomorrow? Feeling the burden of constant negativity? You’re not alone. We are exposed to SO...
how to make a vision board online

How to make a vision board online and empower your dreams

Why do many people find it hard to achieve what they want? No matter how much they try or how much effort they put in, it seems they still find themselves stuck. They will want better results or a better life for themselves, but in the end, all their efforts are...
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