6 positive choices you can make today for a better tomorrow.

If we can focus on one positive choice at a time, they will start to add up. The more they build, the more impactful they become. And the happier we feel. Seeking a better tomorrow? Feeling the burden of constant negativity? You’re not alone. We are exposed to SO much negativity each and every day. We […]

4 Types of Self-Care. Discover Healing Designed For You.

Sometimes, we just need a little reminder to take care of ourselves.  We all know the importance of self-care from time to time, but finding the energy and motivation to do so can be difficult.  However, understanding what your needs are and taking care of them is essential if you want to maintain your health. […]

Protect Your Energy. 3 Ways To Save Your Most Valuable Resource.

Many of us feel drained and emotionally spent from time to time. It can be for many different reasons, but if you’re constantly feeling tired, exhausted, low, and emotionally drained, it is time you find ways to protect your energy. Physical and mental health is linked to each other, and a negative impact on one […]

Lifestyle design quick guide. Everything you need to know in 2021

Lifestyle design is all about reclaiming your life from what it is today to what you want it to be.  However, due to many reasons, we feel obligated and bound to do things we don’t want to instead of doing things we love. Often disregarding the very things that make you happy. Minding your mind […]

Keep Your Life in Balance with These 6 FREE Masterclasses

This article discusses 6 free masterclasses that can help you balance your work and personal life. Balanced lifestyles are not easy to attain. Many of us give up on the idea completely.  In other words, as we grow older and our responsibilities increase, we neglect our own needs and stop trying to improve. This leads […]

Leave People Better Than You Found Them. Discover Authenticity.

Leave People Better Than You Found Them. Discover the foundation to building a real, deep connection with anyone in 4 easy steps. 4 pillars to leave people better than you found them. Love and wisdom are two things that never deplete when you share them with others. It is one of the easiest ways to elevate […]

How Long Should You Meditate? Surprising Benefits In Little Time!

How long should You Meditate? Discover the Mind Body Benefits of Daily Meditation. Plus, the surprisingly short amount of time it takes to see results! How Long Should You Meditate? It has been conclusively proven that meditation benefits our mental as well as physical health. The awareness around meditation has increased in recent times, and […]

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