leave people better than you found them

Leave People Better Than You Found Them. Discover Authenticity.

Leave People Better Than You Found Them. Discover the foundation to building a real, deep connection with anyone in 4 easy steps.

4 pillars to leave people better than you found them.

Love and wisdom are two things that never deplete when you share them with others. It is one of the easiest ways to elevate your life and that of others around you. In our day-to-day lives, we get so focused on ourselves we forget about the ones we love most in life. And simply being present and listening are foundational pieces to being a caring friend.

1) Be kind to your authentic network of friends

Being unable to look at the human aspect of other people is one of our greatest weaknesses as communicators and being a caring friend. No matter how stressed or tired you are, it never hurts to be kind. In fact, simply being kind is one of the easiest ways to leave people better than you found them. It is one of the fastest ways to remove the negativity inside of you. Having a bad day at work or in your personal life? Just try being kind to others, whether it is your colleague your best friend.

The smile and happiness a few words of kindness or an act of kindness can bring to others would bounce back on you. But, make it a point that you don’t do it for yourself. Do it because it is human to be kind. 

2) Be Helpful

Life will present many opportunities to help others around you, including strangers if you look closely. It doesn’t always have to be monetary if you’ve already jumped to that thought. Not everyone wants money from you. Some are just looking to be heard. You don’t have to stand with a placard on a busy street saying you want to help. And this type of mindset is a great first step to building lasting friendships, and an authentic network of caring friends.

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Every one of us is facing our own challenges in life. A small act of kindness or a positive conversation with someone can change our day, our thoughts and get rid of any negativity that surrounds us. When you actively try to leave people better than you found them, you’ll notice it makes you better in turn too. The positivity you spread will come back to you, and it is life-changing. 

3) Be Patient

Everyone makes mistakes, And it is important to be patient and allow the person to correct himself. When you listen to someone patiently, focus on the positive, and don’t let your anger get the better of you, you’ll notice it would be highly appreciated. 

Such characteristics can be termed as a virtue in today’s world because most people are so impatient. Everyone just seems ready to start a war at the drop of a hat. Instead, choose to make a difference by being patient with others. Giving people a chance to be better might not cost you anything but may change their life, and would definitely make their day. 

4) Compliment

If you want to leave people better than you found them, compliment them. When you notice someone has tried to dress up for an event or have worked hard for a presentation or have got good grades at college, give a compliment. There is no rule that you can compliment only when it is a life-changing event, right? How much it would cost you to say to someone – “hey, you got a new hairstyle, it looks wonderful on you.” The fact that someone noticed and cared enough to compliment can elevate the person’s day more than you can imagine. It is human to want to be appreciated, admired, and complimented. 

Keep reading to discover the 5 authentic elements of being the caring friend they need below


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Be the loving, caring friend they need 

Connecting to the human side of problems with friends can make a huge difference. Especially, when trying to leave people better than you found them.

Friends are the family we choose. And it is important to choose the right ones. Life becomes worthy of living with friends you can count on. You don’t have to have tons of friends to show for it. Even one or two friends can make all the difference it takes to bring a smile to your face even on the darkest days. If they can’t make you smile or laugh, rest assured they would at least join you in shedding tears. In any case, true friends would not leave your side when you need them. It is what makes having good, caring friends one of the biggest achievements in life. 

However, just like any other relationship, friendship needs nourishment from time to time. Sure, you can take friends for granted, but you need to know where the thin line between ‘taking a friend for granted’ and ‘indifference’ lies. Remember, it’s important to always leave people better than you found them. You don’t want to send a wrong signal to a true friend who you treasure. Many people out there have lost friends due to small misunderstandings that could’ve been easily resolved. Many others took friends for granted, and even when they had an ocean of love inside them, they just couldn’t express it. There is no definition of a good friend except loving and caring beyond conditions where even family may call it quits. 

You might meet many people in your life journey, and many of these people may become your friend. However, time will show the real colors of people you call friends sooner or later. What is important is never to let the ‘real’ friends go when you identify them. If you have any doubts about your attitude towards your friends or feel you might be making a few mistakes in your relationship with your friend(s), here is a quick guide to be a caring friend

Be a Good Listener 

Sometimes all it takes for a person to feel relieved is someone to listen to their rant. And, who better than a friend to confide in? Be a caring friend by being a good listener, and instead of interrupting or talking about yourself, let the friend rant as much as he or she wants. The ability to truly listen is a foundational block of building an authentic network of friends. Often, we are so self-consumed that we forget the other person has a life too, and the challenges that come with it. A good friend is not always the one with the best advice, but one who can listen to the problem calmly!

Show up to leave people better than you found them

A key aspect to leave people better than you found them is simply showing up. As cliché as it may sound, be there when your friend needs you. It may be his graduation ceremony or his pet passing away, or him being rejected by a girl. Whether it is a happy or sad situation, if your friend needs you, make sure you’re there. Sometimes, your friend may not call upon you when he or she feels sad, lonely, depressed, or anxious. It is your duty as a caring friend to understand your role and be there nevertheless.

Celebrate Their Accomplishments

Some moments in life call for celebrations. However, these days’ people hardly have time to celebrate or be with their loved ones during important days. If your friend has bagged her dream job, completed his graduation, got a loan for a new business, bought a new car, or just about anything worth celebrating, be there to celebrate. Often, we see that people are lonely on these important days or don’t receive much fanfare from even family. But, you can surprise him with a cake or flowers or maybe even just a pizza. Celebrate and make his day! 

Be Supportive

Life is not a bed of roses for any-one of us. We all have our own struggles, and at times, even if we don’t want, we feel defeated. Be your friend’s support system and someone he can count on when life knocks him down. We all need a little push during difficult times to keep on keeping on. You cannot always win all the battles of life alone. You need someone to be your side while you fight, even if you don’t take help. Just the feeling that someone has your back is comforting enough. Have your friend’s back and show that you care. Be an all-weather friend and you’ll surely leave people better than you found them.

Be Honest with your authentic network of friends

Honesty, transparency, and trust are a few must-haves in any relationship, and the same goes for friendship. You mustn’t give your friend any reason to doubt you in terms of whether you’re truthful or honest enough. Sometimes, people around us can create unwanted misunderstandings that create gaps in a relationship unknowingly. 

Whether it is a truth that would hurt him badly or maybe disappointing, be honest and transparent regardless. One truth is better than a thousand lies, and you don’t want your friendship to go down that path because it is a one-way path in most cases. Be honest and truthful and refrain from lying to your friend ever. When you’re honest to your friend, it shows you care. 

Leave People Better Than You Found Them Wrap Up

Friendship is not only about happy moments. It is a roller coaster ride that will go through its share of ups and downs. It is important to enjoy the ride together rather than trying to distance yourself from the pain ‘lows’ bring. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Friendship brings along its share of challenges, sacrifices, compromises, lows, difficulties, and tests. Be ready to face it and come out with flying colors, because one day you’ll look back and laugh upon these moments and be glad you did it!


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