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Mindful Wellness: The Only Guide You Need to Renew Your Mind

Discover the ancient meditation practice for improved insight and total mind wellness. Plus, 5 free guided meditations to get started today!

Taking Charge of your Own Health & Well-Being

Here’s a fascinating fact. The typical person has roughly 60,000 thoughts each day. What’s more, typically 70% of these thoughts are negative self talk! It’s no wonder why mind wellness has been a big concern for health care professionals today

As humans, we abuse ourselves with negative thoughts, holding ourselves back from the life we truly want to create. Once I acknowledged this fact, I made a decision to transition my mind from an enemy into a resource. I promised myself that I would no longer let negative thinking hold me back. Instead, my mind was going to be the supportive friend that guided me towards achieving my goals and desires. And with this new outlook, I started to research psychology and spirituality and located a gem. I found mindful wellness meditation.

What Scientists Have Found About Mindful Wellness Meditation

According to research, mindful meditation has been shown to bring various positive benefits.

It’s been shown to scale back stress and anxiety, improves immune function, and reduces inflammation. Scientists also found that it increased the gray-matter density within a part of your brain related to compassion and learning. Your ability to focus and multitask would improve drastically just by sitting down and searching within. 8 weeks of meditation was enough to form the patients more focused and more loving.

Within us is that the power to become ten times better than what we are now and yet most are asleep!

Why are Most Meditators Influential People

Take a glance at the people that have caused great changes within the world. Oprah Winfrey, Murdoch , Larry Brilliant and Ray Dalio all said meditation helped them achieve success. Ancient civilizations just like the Greeks and therefore the Hindus spawned many great thinkers and their culture had detailed meditation systems. Looking further back, most founders of faith meditated and their influence can still be felt today. I’m sure you’d agree that meditation opens us to a special way of approaching the planet . Imagine what proportion difference you’d make during this world after meditating. You’d be chasing your dream joyfully and alter the planet doing it.

A Step-By-Step Guide: Mindfulness and Meditation

Always stressed? Anxious? Over-worked? Meditation is that the solution! Most folks are worked to exhaustion: burned out. Meditation is that the perfect cure for that: it helps us to seek out calm within the storm, and to ascertain perspective when we’re trapped in petty concerns. Isn’t it time your life got a touch calmer? a touch simpler? Within days, meditation can assist you to feel more like your old self – more on top of things, and fewer stressed. But how does one get started? I’ve written a guide called “The Calm Mind” – A Step-By-Step guide to mindful wellness and meditation. So, you’ll stress less and live an easier , more fulfilling life.

Our free ebook on mindful wellness will give you all the tools you need to renew your mind and build the life you want. Here’s what you’ll learn!

Here’s what you’ll discover inside our FREE ebook:

Mindful Wellness
  1. Types of mediation practices and the way they differ.
  2. The way to choose the proper kind of meditation for you.
  3. What all meditation has in common.
  4. The powerful benefits of meditation.
  5. Simple steps to get started today.
  6. The role of mindfulness.
  7. The way to use mindfulness to beat anxiety.
  8. The way to improve your lifestyle and mindset to drive anxiety away.
  9. And much more!

What’s in our ultimate mindful wellness meditation guide?

Mindful Wellness
Mind Wellness
How to get started with meditation
mind body wellness guide
mind body spirit wellness guide
wellness quick guide
What stress does to the brain
Optimizing your life for wellness

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4 thoughts on “Mindful Wellness: The Only Guide You Need to Renew Your Mind

  1. Up until very recently I thought meditation was just a waste of time. I had tried it and it didn’t seem to work at all. Then someone mentioned Emily Fletcher and I looked at one of the Youtube videos I could find with her. It was like a match made in Heaven! It was like she was talking to me directly! I’ve never had such an experience. I soon enrolled in one of her webinars and then in her The M Word program and I feel like I’ve wasted so much time not doing meditation.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And I know of so many, including myself, that felt meditation was a waste of time. But with consistent practice it’s amazing what you discover when practicing meditation.

      Happy to hear you found Emily Fletcher, she is a Rockstar in the meditation community and helps complete beginners get started. Glad you found it helpful!


      Zen Team

  2. I’ve recently found your site and it is very useful to me. First of all I have found out about MindValley which seems to be a great resource. And I am learning about meditation and following your guided meditation which is quite nice.

    I think I must have at least 100.000 thoughts each day and 80%+ are negative self talk which is not good. Hopefully, with a bit of effort I can get those numbers under control.

    1. We are big fans of the Mind Valley courses! Especially the FREE masterclasses they offer. This is a great way to see what the course is all about and if it’s going to be a good fit for you. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more guided meditations and sleep sounds.

      And the first step to changing your path forward is recognizing where you are currently, and noticing negative self talk is a HUGE step forward. Keep at it and build a lifestyle that is in line with your authentic self!


      Zen Team

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