6 Positive choices

6 positive choices you can make today for a better tomorrow.

If we can focus on one positive choice at a time, they will start to add up. The more they build, the more impactful they become. And the happier we feel.

Seeking a better tomorrow? Feeling the burden of constant negativity? You’re not alone.

We are exposed to SO much negativity each and every day. We see it in the news and all over social media. Negative conversations often surface when we are out at dinner with friends. And negative behaviors emerge even amidst our family gatherings. This constant stream of information (and often overwhelming amount of negativity) brings us down.  

We can’t escape these negative thoughts, conversations, and behavior entirely. Nor should we. 

But what there are certain aspects that ARE within our control. And by making these choices, we can increase the positivity we are exposed to each day and decrease the negativity. Tipping the scales to help us live more positive (and happy) lives.  

Every choice, decision and thought add up.

Here are a few positive choices you can make today to get started toward a better tomorrow. 

1) Surround yourself with positivity.

First, take some time to reflect on the things in your life that are bringing the most positivity and the most negativity. You can make the choice today to surround yourself with the things that are most positive! 

A few examples to get you started:

Spend time with those who support you most

Let’s face it, not all of our “friends” or family members are supportive of our lifestyle choices or the new goals we have set for ourselves. Try taking a step back from unsupportive influences in your life, and increase the time spent with your biggest cheerleaders! Making the conscious choice to spend more time with people who support you can make a huge impact. 

Change the subject. 

It’s easy to go down the black hole of negativity when you’re hanging out friends or spending time with loved ones. It often starts with someone bringing up something they saw on the news, or talking about someone they encountered that day who really pissed them off. The conversation quickly spirals. And before you know it, you are all worked up about something that truly doesn’t matter and doesn’t impact your life in any way. 

Why do we spend all this energy getting upset over trivial things? Life is a lot more positive and a lot less stressful if we can let this go and separate ourselves from these types of conversations. Try changing the subject when things start going down that black hole to something more positive. 

Join a group with similar interests.

Many cities and towns have community groups for people with similar interests and goals. Getting out of your comfort zone and joining a group of like minded individuals can help surround yourself with positivity! For example, there are often running groups, book clubs, boutique yoga studios, church groups, and adult sports leagues. Or support groups for moms/dads, different types of addictions such as alcohol or narcotics, breastfeeding women, people with chronic illness such as diabetes or cancer, and so many more,  Do a quick google search to see if there is a group you may be able to join today in your community.

2) Exercise by doing something YOU find enjoyable. 

Regular physical activity is one of the very best ways to help you stay both mentally and physically fit! The benefits of exercise are plentiful – including stress reduction, decreased risk of chronic illness, improved mood, better sleep, enhanced self-esteem, and so many more. So it is a great positive choice you can make today.

To get the most out of it, I highly recommend choosing a form of exercise you enjoy. Remember, exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym or running tirelessly on a boring treadmill. It can be going for a walk through the neighborhood with your dog, going for a run in the park, playing basketball with your kids, or finding a Yoga video on YouTube to follow along with.

It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you choose. And you don’t have to commit hours  per day either. Even 10 minutes is better than nothing! Any amount of time you can spend is worthwhile. 

So, get out there and make the positive choice to exercise today! You won’t regret it – and it will leave you feeling energized and accomplished.

3) Spread Kindness. 

Think about that feeling you’ve had when a family member – maybe your child, mom, or sibling – opened a special gift you got them. Remember the joy and warmth it brought to your own heart. 

Or think about a time you’ve helped a stranger. Maybe you helped an elderly woman get an item off the top shelf at the grocery store. Or perhaps you volunteered over the holidays to help children in need. Think about the happiness it brought you, knowing you made a positive impact on a complete stranger’s life. 

Acts of kindness bring unexpected joy. It reminds us of all the good in the world and that life is so much bigger than ourselves. 

Make the positive choice to spread kindness today.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Buy the person behind you in line their coffee at Starbucks “just because”
  • Sign up to volunteer your time at a local shelter or non-profit
  • Send a loved one a card in the mail for their birthday, anniversary, or just to say hello.
  • Reach out to a friend who may be going through a hardship to offer support or a listening ear.
  • Go to the dollar store and buy a few items (water, protein bar, etc.) for a local homeless person in your area.
  • Bake cookies for your neighbors and attach a positive note.

Acts of kindness often inspire others to do the same. Together, we can make the world a bit better… starting today 🙂

4) Carry a water bottle with you.

Staying hydrated helps you stay healthy – which contributes positively to your mood and overall well-being. And the more water you drink, the less likely you are to drink sugary beverages or sodas. 

The best way to keep drinking water throughout the day?

Get in the habit of carrying a water bottle with you at all times. Getting in the habit of drinking water (rather than other beverages) to stay hydrated is one of the easiest ways to make a quick positive choice today!

5) Create a positive nutrition goal.

Creating a specific nutrition goal is a great way to make a small, positive, and impactful change today. 

For example, I LOVE all types of fruits and have no problem getting in my recommended daily dose each day. But I really struggle eating enough vegetables. So my nutrition goal is to incorporate one vegetable into my dinners this month. This goal is bite-sized (no pun intended) and realistic. Rather than setting a broad and extreme goal such as “eat healthy” for 30 days, I set a goal that is attainable for me and specific to my needs. 

Here are a few other ideas our readers have tried!

  • Eat breakfast each morning this week.
  • Add two pieces of fruit to my current diet for the next 14 days. 
  • Make desserts a special treat for the weekends only this month (by not eating desserts on weekdays). 

The great part is, once you achieve a bite-sized goal and you’re able to sustain it for a few weeks, it’s more likely to become a habit. Then you can build upon that positive nutrition habit you’ve created by setting (and achieving) your next goal!

6) Take initiative. 

I’m sure you have some items on your bucket list that you haven’t checked off yet. Things you always hope to get to, but never quite have the time. 

I encourage you to not forget about your bucket list items – as these are likely the things in life that will spark the most joy and bring positivity into your life! And the only way to get those items done is to take initiative to do it. Starting today.

If you’ve always dreamed of going to Italy but can’t afford it. Start saving today – even if it’s just one dollar. Take initiative to get started toward this goal.

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, but never had the time, then start learning… today. Download an app like Duolingo, type a few words into Google Translate, or watch a language lesson on YouTube. At the end of the day, you will have learned something new and you took initiative to get started with something you are passionate about!

Positive Choices Wrap Up

By reading through these six positive choices you can make today for a better tomorrow, you’ve already taken the first step. You took initiative by seeking out information to better yourself. You surround yourself with positivity by reading about positive ways to impact your life (rather than going down the black hole of negativity with endless news and social media posts). So you’ve already put two of these into practice today – and you probably didn’t even realize it!

Keep up the great work. And remember to stop and pause to acknowledge the positive changes you ARE making each day. Then keep adding to it little by little. 

There are endless ways to add positivity to your life and make positive choices. And we would love to hear from you. Share with us in the comments below if you have additional ideas, or if you were able to implement any of the ideas above today!

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