Windowsill Herb Garden

Windowsill Herb Garden Quick Guide: The Only Info You Need

Growing fresh herbs, fruits and veggies right from home has never been easier. From simple DIY gardens to all in one grow systems, its no surprise why this trend has been booming. Best yet, herbs provide an excellent way to enhance the healthy food you eat and brighten your home. Involve the whole family and plan a windowsill herb garden today!

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Windowsill herb Garden
Windowsill Herb Garden

Keep reading for our Windowsill Herb Garden quick guide!

Quick Solutions

Before we jump into true DIY windowsill herb gardens, I wanted to point out a couple EASY solutions for fresh herbs with minimal to no work involved! Therefore, here are our 2 favorite quick picks for fresh herbs year round!

Best affordable windowsill herb garden kit.

This window garden kit is perfect for anyone wanting to grow fresh herbs from home, but don’t want to build the containers. This takes the guess work out of building, but still gives you some DIY feels :).

Click & Grow Smart Garden – Nespresso for plants

If you are looking for a truly set it and forget option, look no further than then Click & Grow Smart Garden – Nespresso for plants. This is actually the smart garden I use in my house, and it works amazing! So far my effortless garden has grown delicious red peppers, chives, green lettuce, basil and tomato! I love how easy it is to set up and it does all the work for you!

Windowsill Herb Garden Guide Cont

When planning a garden for a small indoor space, it’s important to consider framing first. For true DIYers, framing out a few simple simple wooden boxes is ideal. These should fit the windowsill without fear of falling off. If your windowsill doesn’t have enough space, try the bolting and securing tips below.

Tips: Building Container Window Garden Boxes.

Whatever plan you follow, get boards one to one and a quarter inches thick. To fasten, rely on brass screws rather than nails, which in a few years may push out and cause a box to fall apart. To make corners secure, reinforce with angle irons. Be sure to provide enough drainage holes in the bottom for water to pass through. Space half-inch holes six to eight inches apart when building your box gardens.
Next, treat the insides with a wood preservative. Then, let the preservative dry according to instruction on label.
Finally, decorating and painting! Select a color which will not detract from the plants. keep in mind the color and purpose of what your planting. If for decoration, you may want more neutral colors. OR if planting an herb garden, a more vibrant paint color might be best.

One final note: Be sure your windowsill get’s enough light! north facing windows is best, but you can supplement light needs with grow lights.

Securing Windowsill Herb Garden

If you have concerns about the size of the box container, consider fastening. Bolts or lag screw work best. Raise windowsill herb garden box is raised to ensure adequate drainage. You can do this by securing the box above the windowsill or by using an intermediary like cleats. The space under the box is also important for air circulation.

Next, get the containers ready for soil.

The most important step is to ensure adequate drainage. The container should contain run off holes so soil and roots don’t drown. The best way to do this with a box garden is lay pebbles or small stones as the container base. This will keep water able to flow without clogging drainage. Choosing a good all purpose potting soil. We outlined the best potting soil for herbs which you can read here. Below is a a quick recap!

1) Whitney Farms Organic Planting Soil

Whitney Farms Organic Planting Soil is a popular choice for potting soil. This organic mixture features the right balance of plant food and natural compost ingredients to provide optimal growing environments for your herbs!

2) Roots Organic Soil

Roots Organic Soil has quickly become one of our favorite potting soils. With incredibly positive reviews, superior mix, and organic ingredients, its easy to see why Roots organic soil is a popular choice. Here are some of our favorite highlights regarding this soil.

3) Black Gold Organic Potting Soil

This is our favorite pick when it comes to an all purpose, 100% organic herb potting soil. It consists of a rich loamy mix that provides optimal growth for herbs. Best for windowsill herb garden containers that require soil.

Planting Tips Indoor Herb Garden Tips

Make sure to read up on the types of herbs your planting. For easy windowsill herb gardens, we recommend grouping herbs and their containers together. One, it keeps harvesting dates and tracking easy. And two, some herbs tend to take over a garden and spread like crazy (I’m looking at you, mint.) So this avoids herb bullying (bad growth and yield).

For example, an eight inch wide box accommodates two rows of plants. Read the seedlings packet to determine how high these herbs should grow. Place smaller growth into he front row and larger in the back for easy clipping and hedging. If you windowsill herb garden container is larger or smaller.

BONUS: Skip the Indoor Mess. Best Hydroponic Garden Tower Systems.

For most windowsill herb gardens, we wouldn’t plant anything that grows over a foot. This can become a hassle and messy. If mess is a concern, we HIGHLY suggest using an aeroponic tower garden system that does all work for you. These systems deliver plant food straight to the roots of your herbs. No soil needed! Below is our favorite indoor hydroponic herb garden

AeroGarden Harvest 360 – Best Compact Hydroponic System

What We Like

  • Grows up to 6 plants to 12 inches high
  • Small all in one system perfect for apartments
  • Soil free hydroponic system
  • Includes seeds for genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, thai basil and mint all natural plant nutrients

Aerogarden Bounty Basic – Best Overall Value

What we Like

  • Compact design suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Large yield of produce
  • No soil, perfect for indoor hydroponic gardening.

Wrap up – Windowsill Herb Gardening Quick Guide

Growing fresh food from home has never been easier. Between all in one grow systems, organic soil and seed varieties, the ability to produce fresh herbs is endless. We hope you found this best windowsill herb garden quick guide helpful. Let us know what herbs you love to grow by leaving a comment below!

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